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Desi Appetite is your guide to Pakistani and International cuisines with a local touch. We will show you how to cook your basic Daal & Chawal to masaledar Biryani, spicy Fettuccini Alfredo to decadent deserts and more.

Desi Appetite will teach you that cooking is not as complicated as it seems and with a little bit of help from us you will be able to make delicious food for yourself, friends and family.

Almonds         Badam
Aniseed        Saunf
Apple        Saib / Seb
All purpose flour        Maida
Artichokes        Artichoke / Artichoke
Asparagus       Asparagus
Almond       Badam
Asaefoetida        Hing
Apricot       Khoobani
Avocado       Avocado
Basil Leaves Tulsi ke Pattay
Bengal Gram Chana Daal
Bengal Gram Flour Besan
Bitter Gourd Karela
Black Eyed Peas Lobia
Black Gram (Whole) Mash Dal or Urad Dal
Black Gram split (White) Mash Dhuli Dal or Urad Dhuli Dal
Bottle Gourd Lauki/ Doodhi
Beetroot Chukander
Brinjal (Eggplant/Aubergines) Baingan
Broad Beans Sem ki Phali
Broccoli Broccoli
Brussels Sprouts Brussels Sprouts
Basil Seeds Tukhmalanga
Bay Leaf Tez Pat / Tez Patta
Black Salt Kala Namak
Basil Tulsi
Banana Kela
Blueberry Blueberry
Butter Makhan
Buttermilk Chhachh / Chas
Cinnamon Dalchini / Darchini
Clarified Butter Ghee
Cloves Laung
Colocasia Arvi
Coriander Leaves Hara Dhaniya
Coriander Seeds Dhaniya
Corn on the cob Bhutta
Cottage Cheese Paneer
Cumin Seeds Zeera
Curry Leaves Karri Patta
Cabbage Band Gobhi / Patta Gobhi
Capsicum(Bell Pepper) Shimla Mirch
Carrot Gajar
Cauliflower Phool Gobhi
Celery Celery
Chilli Hari Mirch
Cluster Beans Gavar Phali
Colocasia leaves Arvi kay pattay
Cucumber Kheera / Kakri
Cashewnuts Kaju
Caraway seeds Kala Zira / Shahi Zira
Cardamom Ilaichi / Elaichi
Carom Seeds Ajwain
Corriander Seeds Dhania
Cilantro Hara Dhania
Corn Makai
Cantaloupe Kharbuza / Garma / Sarda
Coconut Nariyal / Khhopra
Custard Apple Sharifa
Dry fenugreek leaves Kasoori Methi
Dried Pumpkin / Water Melon seeds Magaz
Dill Soya
Dates Khajoor
Dates (Dried) Chhuhara
Fenugreek Dry Leaf Kasoori Meethi / Kasuri Methi
Fennel Saunf
Figs Anjeer
Flattened Rice or Flaked Rice Chevra / Poha
French Beans Faras Bean
Fenugreek seeds Methi Dana
Flax seed/ Linseed Alsi
Fenugreek leaves Methi kay pattay
Garlic Lehsun
Green Chillies Hari Mirch
Green Gram (split) Moong Daal
Green Gram (whole) Sabit Moong
Grean Peas Matar
Gauva Amrood
Ginger Adrak
Ginger Powder Saunth /Sonth
Garbanzo Bean Chana / Kabuli Chana / Safaid Chana
Green gram Moong dal
Green Peas Matar
Gooseberry Amla
Grapefruit Grapefruit
Grapes Angoor
Guava Amrud
Honey                    Shahad
Jaggery                 Gur
Jackfruit                 Kathal
Jamun                 Jamun
Kidney                   Beans Rajma
Lemon       Limun / Nimbu
Long Grain Rice       Basmati Chawal
Lotus Root       Bhae / Bhein / Kamal Kakri
Lettuce leaves       Salad Patta
Lychee       Lychee
Ladiesfinger       Bhindi
Mango Aam
Milk Doodh
Mint Pudina
Mustard Oil Sarson Ka Tel
Musturd Seeds (Brown) Rai
Mustard Seeds (Black) Rai
Mushroom Mushroom
Mango Powder (Dry) Amchoor / Amchur
Mace Javitri
Mustard seeds Rai/Sarson
Mustard Greens Sarson ka Saag
Maize Makai
Mulberry Shehtooth
Musk Melon (Cantaloupe) Kharbuza / Garma / Sarda
Napa Cabbage / Chinese Cabbage Napa Cabbage / Chinese Cabbage
Nutmeg Jaiphal
Nigella Seeds Kalonji
Okra                              Bhindi
Onion Pyaz
Oats Jau
Olive Zaitun
Orange Narangi
Olive Oil Zaitun ka Tel
Peanuts Mung Phali
Papaya Papeeta
Pigeon Pea Tur Daal
Pomegranate Seeds Annar Dana
Poppy Seeds Khash khash
Potato Aalo
Puffed Rice Murmure
Pumpkin Kaddu
Peppercorn / Black peppercorn Kali Mirch Sabit /Safaid Mirch Sabit / Dakhni Mirch Sabit
Pinenut Chilgoza
Pistachio Pista
Pearl Millet Bajri/ Bajra
Pear Nashpati
Pineapple Ananas
Plum Alubukhara / Alucha
Pomegranate Anar
Prunes Dried Alubukhara / Alucha
Radish Mooli
Raisins Kishmish
Red Chillies Lal Mirchi
Red Lentils (Split) Masoor Daal
Ridge Gourd Torai
Raw Mango Kaccha Aam / Keri
Red Chili (Dry) Sukhi Lalmirch
Red gram Arhar Dal
Salt Namak
Seasoning Tadaka
Semolina Sooji/Rawa
Spices Mix Masala
Spring Onion Hari Pyaaz
Sweet Lime Mosambi
Sweet Potato Shakarkandi
Saffron Kesar
Sesame seeds Til
Star Anise Badiyan ka Phool
Sugar Cheeni
Spring Onion / Green Onion Hari Pyaz
Spinach Palak
Sapota/ Sapodilla Chikku
Strawberry Strawberry
Tamarind Imli
Tomato Tamatar
Tumeric Haldi
Turnip Shalgam / Shaljum
Tapioca Sabudana
Turmeric Powder Haldi
Vermicelli Seviyan
Vinegar Sirka
Walnut Akhrot
Wheat Gandum / Gehun
Wheat Flour Atta / Gandum ka Atta / Gehun ka Atta
Water Chestnut Singhara
Watermelon Tarbooz
Yeast Khameer
Yoghurt / Yogurt Dahi

ZucchiniTori/ turaii

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